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Teach You 5 Parlor Tricks


20 per session - Virtual OK - Posted Feb 19, 2017

Be entertaining at parties, trick your friends, impress your date, make kids think you are cool, all by being a lazy magician!

Unlike complex magic tricks, that require lots of practice, set up, or specialized equipment; parlor tricks are simple and pretty much every one can do once you know the secret, and no special equipment is required. Each trick can be done with common items and require little to no practice to do.

15 entertaining tricks to choose from!
(Want to know all 15? Request x3 of this Service)

- The Broomstick Trick:
Make it look like you are a double jointed contortionist.

- Make any small object float:
The illusion works best with playing cards but can be applied to any similar sized object

- Twisted Arms:
Cute simple trick to get your audience 'stuck' in a knot made by their arms, while you 'untie' yourself without effort. (Great for kids)

- The Pen Trick:
Has to be seen. While grasping a pen you twist your hands to make a pen change position, then ask others to try replicating what you just did. Fun trick to stump anyone who sees it as they try it themselves and get confused. Great for a laugh! (Requires minimal practice)

- The Pencil Trick:
Shove a pencil up your nose and pull it out through your mouth! (Requires minimal practice)

- Defy Gravity:
Done with every objects (this one has to be seen to wrap your head around it).

- Falling Through the Floor:
This trick makes the person performed on feel like part of their body just sifted through the floor! (Kids LOVE this one)

- Twisted Hand:
Rotate your hand 360 degrees while its flat on the floor. How in the?

- Move an object without touching/blowing it:
Make a pinwheel twirl all by itself

- The Accident:
Cause complete paralysis to some one just by talking to them and taping their limbs.

- Floating Arms:
Do this trick on some one to make their arms not want to stay by their sides. (Kids LOVE this one too)

- Clockwise VS Counter-Clockwise Rotation:
Needs to be seen, but learn how to rotate your hands in opposite directions at the same time. Requires a bit of practice but easily learned.

- Broken Nose:
Make people think you just broke you nose! (So funny how simple this one is lol)

- Read Minds:
Have the ability to guess correctly every time which hand someone is holding a coin in.

- 5 SUPER EASY card tricks:
Learn 5 card tricks that will impress but are easy to learn. (Counts as one selection)

Service ONLY done over facebook video chat or in person. (You must have audio and video capabilities for virtual exchange)

Please message me with which tricks you would like to learn.

Training & Qualifications

I'm a natural entertainer, been doing many of these tricks for YEARS. They are simple and easy to teach. I love entertaining my friends kids or just kids in general. I love being fun and showing these tricks to new people. :)

Availability & Preferences

Im flexable, but best times are 10am - 4pm Mon - Thurs.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Ilea

Oct 18, 2017
I love it! Thank you Ilea! Have a great party :)
Abby received session of Beauty Makeup Basics from Ilea
Oct 18, 2017
Ilea was a pleasure to work with; knowledgeable and fun.
Tyler received package of Learn a Secret Language from Ilea
Aug 16, 2017
Absolutely wonderful! Deffinitly recommended to any and everyone! She's very friendly and really helpful. I hope to do this again in the future someda...y!show more
Aug 02, 2017
I love working with Ilea. She's very knowledgeable, and deal was finished quick!!
Emily received unit of Ask a Witch from Ilea
Jul 25, 2017
Wonderful to work with, extremely kind and knowledgeable Xo
Jul 20, 2017
Very knowledgeable and nonjudgmental. I will definitely be using more of her services. Definitely recommend.
Carolyn received session of Ask Constella The Oracle! from Ilea
May 18, 2017
Lovely and fun. Thank you!
Carolyn provided session of 30 Minute Intuitive Reiki Session for Ilea
May 18, 2017
Thank you for connecting!
Karen received session of Ask Constella The Oracle! from Ilea
Apr 30, 2017
Great reading ! Highly recommend her !
Harrison received session of Ask Constella The Oracle! from Ilea
Apr 25, 2017


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