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Community Requests

Susa is requesting
Looking for Reader Review
Hi, I have several serial novels published on Kindle Vella. This is a US platform where you can publish your stories in serial form. The first three chapters are always free to read. While I...

Jason is requesting
Register for my social site
I have been working on a social media site for a while and ended up moving it to a new location. I would like several people to register as new users and do something on the site like post or comme...

Bartering services has been a tool that me and some friends have been using for years and it is nice to know the concept is now spreading.
Maria is requesting
Help with WordPress site
I'm looking for someone who is willing to help me with my WordPress sites. Making some edits to content, adding some pages, installing some questionnaires.

Simbi has proven to be an incredible valuable way of meeting new people, learning new skills, getting projects done and receiving a wealth of information from fellow tribe members.
Kelvin is requesting
React App to WordPress Plugin
I'm looking help in building a WordPress plugin from an open source react app. The app is an open source booking engine to allow properties to accept bookings directly from guests.

The generosity of the community. Simbi has taken the symbiotic "economy" to another level.
Remy is requesting
Furry Artists
I am looking for furry artists or those willing to attempt to draw the anthropomorphic characters for various projects of mine. A few examples would be Vtuber assets for my Twitch channel, Digital ...

I am excited to use Simbi as a way to exchange abilities and talents as I try to improve myself.
Kite is requesting
Digital Marketing Agency San Diego
Kite Runner is a digital marketing agency in san diego offers digital marketing services SEO, Web Design, Social Media, PPC and more online marketing solutions.

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Avery is requesting
Writer/YA Fantasy Reader (Swap)
Hello! Looking for a fellow writer and YA fantasy reader to swap partial manuscripts and beta read for each other! My manuscript is a YA/new adult fantasy. I'm looking for a beta reader just for...

I'm all about creative systems, and bartering has many unique benefits to offer.
Joe is requesting
Does this EMFT reading look okay
I don't know why but my Doctor said I might be around too much radiation about three years ago. My LDL and other stars are not right. I used to drink but I quit drinking six months ago. The results...

The Simbi Community was a valuable asset in the past. I have learned much and want to share my exp.
Kayla is requesting
Write/Compile Patreon Post
I am looking for someone who can make pretty posts for me and write in better words and using the images I supply well. Basically if you can design a nice page in google docs I'll be happy~

I am excited to spread the word of my Project using this website and hopefully convert some people.
Liz is requesting
Photo selection and editing
I recently got married in a small elopement ceremony on the beach and the wedding coordinator snapped a few hundred photos on my phone. I am hoping to find a professional to weed through, cherry pi...

Green Earth Vision is requesting
Branding and Logo.
Looking for branding and Logo design strategy. Logo design work a bonus. We have multiple projects that need to all be sewn together in a beautiful orchestration. This includes metaphors, colors,...

We specialize in whole systems which is what's needed right now to mobilize the New Paradigm movement.
Joshua is requesting
Help the Community of Meditators!
🧘 Quick and easy! Some simple questions about difficulties related to meditation -- whether about the practice itself or the context thereof. 📌 If you don't want to enter your email address, p...

🗝 I enjoy working with dynamic folks, cultivating new opportunities, and prototyping services! 🌀
Kayla is requesting
Make a Pixie Written Language
Hello, I am writing/creating a story called Pixie Road and in that story there is a written language that I am kind of developing. I was hoping someone could help me compile and create the letters ...

I am excited to spread the word of my Project using this website and hopefully convert some people.
Kayla is requesting
Milanote Assistant ( Editing )
I need someone to help me with my project organizing some of the digital documents and also sort of need a second ear/brain to help me figure out some things for the story. I will pay 10/hr for wri...

I am excited to spread the word of my Project using this website and hopefully convert some people.
Amelia is requesting
Help 8 yr old farm dreams come true
My daughter dreams of owning her own farm, and we need your help! Please copy and paste the link to a go-fund-me I started for my daughter, onto any social media you are on. Please take a screen...

I am excited to give my services to someone in need who may not otherwise be able to pay. I have always been open to trading so this is right up my alley.
Troy is requesting
Can salvia be used in sage bundles?
I am looking for information about salvia as a sage. My new house has a small forest of salvia. I want to know if the leaves can be made into sage bundles. I want to share them if they would work f...

I love to trade. Trading strengthens our community and gives us a chance build confidence in ourselves.
Raymond is requesting
Critque this
I have a promo hand card I have designed with Canva for a fitness class. I would like an experienced artist to critique so it looks more professional. If interested send me a conversation request....

A great way to get tasks done with quality work that is done on time by enthusiastic artists and gurus. A great crowdsource of people with a variety of talent.
Erin is requesting
3-D Printing 2 Small Rubber feet
Hello! I am looking for someone with a 3-D printer to print 2 small replacement rubber feet for a drum stool

I grow a huge portion of my own food and do a lot of my own food preparation - love to share & learn