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Long Term Sustainable Community


50 per session - Virtual OK - Posted May 26, 2017

I will discuss plans for a long term, integrated and sustainable community. This community will be (a) integrated by intentionally pulling in people from a well defined mix of trades and professions that are designed to complement each other. As well, this community will be (b) sustainable by producing all of its food, water and energy on site, with excess. This means that there will be a planned net positive output.

I believe that such a community can be built with existing technology (such as sun, river and wind power), without having to resort to next generation technologies of which there are tantalizing glimpses. Through careful planning and monitoring, such a community should be able to recover, recycle or reclaim nearly 100% of it's waste, while producing innovative products and services.

In addition, a built in marketing, accounting and legal section can help move the products and services developed on site to market, by people specializing in these tasks. Different communities of this type could have different specialties, such as innovation or the monitoring of our planet's resources.

For more information, please see: I have spent a lot of time putting this together. Although it may still contain some grammatical or other errors of that nature, I believe it provides a good overview of the process that can be taken to build a community from scratch, or to revamp an existing one, looking at the rebuilding exercise as a means of uncovering approaches that might otherwise have been missed. If after having a good read through this, you have some comments (of a grammatical or structural nature, or having to do with the approach taken) please let me know. That would then be a good starting point for a discussion.

Training & Qualifications

I am an experienced programmer with a farm background. The farm background has given me insight into the building process, expected lifespans of typical construction and crops. The programming background has given me experience with thinking logically, dealing with complex problems and in dealing with datasets, including at the programming level, some of which has been implemented in real time in a farm setting.

Availability & Preferences

Most business days, excluding weekends and statuatory holidays.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Clarence

Inactive User
Inactive User received session of Long Term Sustainable Community from Clarence
Feb 06, 2019
Very bright, organized, thoughtful :) I look forward to future interactions!
Shaun Thomas received session of Long Term Sustainable Community from Clarence
Jan 20, 2018
Clarence is a great help and friendly guidance, and a pleasure to work with Thank you very much Clarence!
Danielle provided session of Conflict Coaching (50 minutes) for Clarence
Sep 06, 2021
Clarence was a great client.
Luke received hour of Programming (PHP) from Clarence
Feb 13, 2021
Knowledgeable and friendly
Nick received hour of Programming (PHP) from Clarence
Jan 16, 2021
Wants the best for the people he works with. Gives his best efforts to get the job done.
Nick received hour of Programming (PHP) from Clarence
Dec 12, 2020
Good communication. Very experienced programmer.
Inactive User
Inactive User provided Help with Editor for Clarence
Sep 20, 2020
I love to edit for Clarence, his articles are fun and informative. I have been learning so much. thank you Clarence,
Adam provided session of 30-Min Software Development Consult for Clarence
Sep 04, 2020
Clarence has some interesting ideas and is a very self-driven learner. He cares not only about technology but also about the environment and the globa...l ecosystem we live in, culturally and economically. show more
Paul provided session of Audio Voice-Over (up to 15 min) for Clarence
Sep 02, 2020
Clarence has many ideas, and he writes about them. I enjoyed giving life to his words. In so doing, I could feel his passion for what he is more
Erin received unit of Website Consultation from Clarence
Aug 27, 2020
Clarence is great at sitting down with me and talking me through the process.


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

About Clarence Bos

As of 2021, this is the fifth year of creating a sustainable community model from the ground up. Why should you care? We are nearing 8 billion humans on this planet. I remember when there were 5 bill...ion. How many can we hold? What will your life be like if society crashes? There are many, many things that can be done to ensure your personal comfort with the time, money and resources you use every day, but in a way that may be just a little different; using a model to guide you. That is Step One. Step Two is beginning to think about The Next Planet. If we can't live sustainably on this one, then we certainly won't be able to live sustainably anywhere else. How many hectares are needed to grow the food you need, provide the water you drink and recycle the wastes you produce each day? How many people do you need around you to provide the knowledge, skills, products and services you require each day, to remain healthy, focused and alert? The model I have developed uses 160 acres/65 hectares with approximately 150 people. It is designed with a blend of academics, applied professionals and trades people. If a dome were put around it, and access cut off going in or out for an extended period, chances are, this community would do o.k., if not great. This is a requirement for living anywhere else (i.e. another planet). Not only that, the "spaced-out" geometric pattern provides for built in social distancing, before social distancing was cool (and no, I didn't invent the co-llusion), I simply like distance, by nature. That aside, I have been focusing on tech. Tech that I hope can benefit you. Currently, that work includes a workspace that takes up no more than a cube of 7'x7'x7', or 2.1 meters, cubed. In that workspace is a laptop or computer with at least two monitors (ideally three), a black and white monochrome laser printer (Brother L2320D), and A4 as well as US letter sized paper. Focus on details like these provides for greater precision, and an ability to find and deal with the details that matter. Although I have exactly 10 years of experience with WordPress this year (much of which is at the programming level; not just point-and-click), I have made the reluctant shift to begin to vet Concrete5. I will call this a "2nd Generation" or "Next Generation" platform. The coding structure is much more solid. WordPress is starting to show signs of age, as well as admittedly having security issues (the next to last version is always declared as "not safe to use", on a rolling basis). Concrete5 doesn't appear to have built-in deficiencies like this. Thus, if you would like to engage me in one of the services I am currently offering, please keep the above in mind. Although it may not have been explicitly stated on this profile or elsewhere, I do not provide a service going in and making final or last minute fixes or adjustments to a WordPress website. This is the wrong way about it! What I am working on currently is providing a way to make a site "platform generic", so that it matters less _what_ platform is being used, and it matters more _how_ it is set up. Contact me for details. I prefer working with people in the same timezone. I will likely refuse overseas work or work that is not being generated from this continent (North America). I will pay more attention if: 1. You are have a decent workspace set up (or are interested in setting one up). 2. You work with at least two monitors already (or would like to make that transition). 3. You are already running your website locally (or would like to do that). I use Ubuntu on a professional grade (though used) laptop. A Linux based machine is _much_ better for running a website locally. I can't support Windows running a local server due to the fact that they "do it backwards". Windows use of backslashes in paths (i.e. "\" rather than "/") messes everything up when simply copying and pasting code. For this and other reasons, I can't support Windows running a website locally. If you have read this far and are still interested, please let me know how I can help you. Realistically, I need to start requesting a 2:1 simbi:cash ratio. I do not know if Simbi has a specific rule about this, but the stark fact is, programmers have to eat too. Right now, I can't use simbi to buy food, clothes or get around town. If that day changes, then I can work for straight simbi. Right now I can't. To sum, using a model as a guide for living and working makes the day to day tasks easier, as I know that what I am doing (no matter how mundane), will eventually be fit into a system that will provide for my needs and that of others. As a programmer, I have the mindset working at the code level to pay attention to details that result in an overall structure. The one thing I can't do is program people(!), however, I can choose who I work with, so that over the long run, the working model will be maintained in a synergistic fashion, that holds together like a magnet, rather than flying apart due to forces moving the parts in different directions. The specific types of people needed are described elsewhere. That is about all. I am interested in helping people, primarily in North America, and ideally who already have a strong technical or professional skill and knowledge set. I can't provide last minute or final changes to an existing WordPress site, as chances are it needs a lot of work to get it "up to snuff". However, I can provide a path to make that site more secure, robust and optimized, as well as pave a way to eventually use another platform (perhaps like Concrete5) or maybe even try using another platform alongside WordPress for the time being. show more

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